Welcome to BT Property Search (BTPS)

This search facility enables property developers to check if their construction proposals, including demolition, might affect BT plc assets in the UK. It is the gateway to a streamlined process which will allow you to proceed with your proposals where they do not impact on BT assets, subject to prior written agreement on costs and design etc.

BT assets consist of various types of property, including Telephone Exchanges and cable connections to and from them, both above and below ground.

You will receive a BTPS Search Result from us by email within one working day, which will indicate whether or not there is a potential impact on BT assets.

Where the Search Result does indicate a potential impact on BT assets, we will request further information about your construction/demolition proposals in order to establish the extent of the risk and to agree suitable mitigation measures.

You should not proceed with any demolition or construction work until we have agreed terms which protect the relevant BT assets.